How the f*** can I stay motivated ? What can I do to keep my motivation as high as my brain on a week-end at Amsterdam ?

One of the hardest things to deal with when you start working out is to stay motivated. This shit is a real challenge ! Imagine waking up every morning with your eyes shining and driven by the enthusiasm in all of your projects. Imagine that every day is a new day, no freaking routine. Imagine having the same desire to be greater than you were yesterday, just like when you saw that motivational video on YouTube. Shit, I am getting hyped up now…

Just imagine being able to respect that 30 days’ diet and workout that we told you about in this article… Hehe, that was well placed huh ? Anyway, motivation helps us get rid of all the negative thoughts and turn our back on every Stacy/Albert that keeps reminding us that donuts are delicious. Take a few seconds and imagine how would your life be if you were motivated 24/7.

Guess what, we have something in common… We all start by watching some videos, listening to other people’s speech and getting excited. Then, we set up 100 ambitious goals, every one bigger than the other. “I want some 8 pack abs”. “I want to double my biceps circumference”. “I want legs as big as The Rock’s”. “I want to lose 40 pounds by next Saturday”. Okay, we start the first week with full energy. Then, our motivation goes as down just like my physics grades, until it reaches the ground and we lay on the sofa waiting for it to come back again…

Fortunately, I followed some steps that helped me stay motivated and achieve every single goal in my mind. You have to do the same ! When I talk about motivation to workout, it can be applied to anything else you do: work, studies, love…

Of course, these are my personal ways to motivate myself, you can find other ways that will help you achieve your goals !


I don’t know about you but when I schedule what I need to do, I do it. Psychologically, when you plan something it seems like it’s mandatory. So, schedule your workout and set alarms and reminders on your phone/computer so that you never miss a session. Usually, when you forget about a workout, you say that you will catch up the next session. Thus, you fuck up your workout plan.


Don’t take a gym buddy for granted ! If he’s a pain in the ass and keeps telling you that your legs are not well placed when squatting, he is one the reasons you go to the gym. Workout buddies are good to have because you always have somebody to compete with so you can stay motivated. You always have somebody who will tell you to start the next set after resting for 1 minute. You always have somebody to joke with and gossip with. If you don’t have a workout buddy, there are groups on Facebook of people from the same city as you who go -probably- to the same gym as you.


Stop saying that you want to gain (or lose) 30 pounds in one week, or you want to be Mister Universe tomorrow. These are just caricatures of course, but you know what I meant. You should aim high – but not too high! Tell yourself that if you want to be Mister Universe you need, for example, to get a 6-pack abs. To get that 6 pack abs you should get rid of that layer of fat on your belly. So, your goal should be: get rid of that layer of fat, first. Basically, you just have to set small goals that will lead you to the big one. Moreover, you got to set clear goals as well. “Eating healthier” or “Be fitter” are not clear goals. Define your goal in numbers: a weight, a waist size… The best thing you can do to stay motivated is to link a goal with a specific date.


Every time you achieve a goal, reward yourself with something. It could be anything. An ice cream, shoes, underwear… literally anything. A lot of fitness professionals will say that this is bad because it’s like blackmailing yourself -if I don’t get a reward I won’t do it. Chill chill chill bro ! This is a good way to get used to achieving goals at early stages. Moreover, don’t think about rewarding yourself every week just because you added some charge to the bench press. NO ! I said reward yourself after achieving a goal i.e. seeing your 6 pack for the first time or getting to the body weight you wanted…


We humans have a strange way to think… We can do things we don’t like for people we don’t necessary like. If you train just because you want some people to say nice things about you… congratulations, you played yourself – in Dj Khaled’s voice. If you invest your time – and money – doing something, it would better be for you and not for anybody else. You can’t stay motivated too long if you do something for somebody else, especially when it’s painfull like training.


To be honest, I can’t go to the gym without my phone and headphones. I can’t do anything without music in my ears. It’s scientifically proven that music relieves pain, will help you push more and help you stay motivated throughout the whole training session. So, prepare a good playlist and don’t forget your earbuds.