Misophonia : Why Noisy Eating Irritates You

Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the throat for chewing loudly ? Or have you ever wanted to burn the movie theatre down because the dude next to you was breathing like a damn vacuum cleaner ?  Well, you are not alone ! And just like me, you are suffering from a brain abnormality called misophonia.

What’s misophonia ?

Basically, misophonia means hating sounds. Don’t get it twisted, we are not talking about any type of sounds. People suffering from this disorder hate sounds like eating, chewing, loud-breathing and repetitive sounds like keyboard-typing.

This is a neuropsychiatric disorder that can turn your life into a nightmare at that very moment. I am misophonic and when I hear someone chewing loudly, I can easily become angry, show hatred and disgust…

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It has a scientific explanation

For several years, scientists have been wondering if misophonia constitutes a real medical ailment. Recently the Newcastle University discovered that misophonic’s brain’s frontal lobe is different than ‘normal’ people’s brain.

What they actually did was bringing two groups of people, one suffers from misophonia and the other does not. Both have listened to sounds categorized into neutral sounds (rain), unpleasant sounds (a crying baby) and trigger sounds (eating and breathing).

Guess what, we all have the same reaction to neutral and unpleasant sounds. However, when it comes to trigger sounds, they have noticed that the misophonic people had a different reaction to it i.e. acceleration of heartbeat, sweating…

If I can hear you chew your food, I’m fantasizing about how to kill you.


Please help !

Actually, there is no known specific cure for it. I have heard about a therapy called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) which can help a misophonic change the way he thinks and behaves in some specific situations and tolerate some sounds.

I know that most of you don’t even care about this therapy and are looking for a proper solution like a pill to eat in order not to kidnap your co-worker who eats like a f*cking hyppo… Unfortunately, I am still looking for it too and I will keep you informed whenever the scientists have something… Meanwhile some people on social media advise listening to ‘brown noise’, smoking weed or using some earplugs like the NU Ear Plugs.