We have talked about ways to lose weight and we told you that all you need to do for that is to change your diet and stick to a workout plan. You can still read the article about the 30 days’ weight loss plan. This time we will tell you about how to GAIN weight. I am talking now to ectomorph people -like me- who eat like beasts but do not gain 1 oz.

First of all, you need to know what is your morphotype. There a 3 morphotypes:

  1. Ectomorph: just like you and I, i.e we are skinny and we have some f*cking hard time to gain weight. Your friends are usually jealous and Becky always tells you: ‘I can’t understand how do you eat this much but you’re still this skinny…’ you just want to say, ‘shut up Becky…please’. An example of ectomorph people is Zac to gain weight
  2. Mesomorph: I am already jealous of this type of people. Yes ! you have the best -in my opinion- morphotype. You can lose weight whenever you want and you can gain weight easily. You are naturally strong and naturally lean. For instance, Halle Berry has a mesomorph morphotype.
  3. Endomorph: This morphotype gains weight extremely fast ! If you’re an endomorph you should focus on burning fat and start weight training whenever you reach the weight that you are happy with.

Anyway, there is a general misconception that prevents ectomorph people to keep up the hard work when it comes to gaining weight. I have heard a lot of ectomorphs telling me that their genetics are made like this and they’re skinny as f*ck from father to son… Seriously? You cannot say that as genetics only have a little to do with this. Anyone can gain a lot of weight and build muscles as well.

So, you have to change your eating habits and focus on a good workout plan. You are probably saying ‘come on I have already tried this but it did not work…’ You, actually, did it wrong and I will tell you the right way to do it so you can change the way Becky looks at you…

The problem with ectomorphs is that we burn much more calories than any other morphotype. Do you know that we are burning calories even when we don’t do anything ? How f*cked up is that ?

TIP 1:

The solution is simple, you have to eat more so that no matter how much calories your body may burn, he will still find some excess that will allow you to gain weight.

What does eating more mean ? You must increase the number of meals per day going from 3 meals to 5 for example. Also, you have to change things gradually ! Don’t start adding up 2 extra meals since day one, you will only hurt yourself as your body is not used to it. The best strategy is to add up the quantity of meat, for example, in your lunch meal. If you’re eating 7 ounces of steak for dinner, try 9 ounces. In a nutshell, your body should adapt to the increase of calories intake.

What should I eat ? Well you just have to stay away from everything that looks like bags of chips, candy… They can make you gain weight but it’s possible that you also gain some dirty ass diseases with it like diabetes. There are some foods that I like to include in my meal plans, which contain a lot of proteins and calories and help me reach the required calorie daily intake easily:

  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Bananas
  • White and sweet potatoes
  • Rice
  • Red meat
  • milk and cheese
  • whole-grain pasta and bread
  • Smoothies

Occasionally, you can add some cheat treats like chocolate, ice cream… but not too much !

TIP 2:

You can add supplements to your diet routine that are full of proteins and will provide you with a high amount of calories.Here are some of the supplements that I personnally use.

  • BSN SYNTHA is a protein powder that contains the perfect amount protein, fiber and amino acids. I drink it whenever I finish working out and it helps me build muscles and recover quickly. This postworkout supplement has a good mix of protein sources as it combines eggs, milk and soy.
  • Serious Mass Gainer is in my opinion the best supplement you can get if you want to gain weight. It provides you with 1250 calories per serving that can go up to 1640 calories when made with low fat milk. How crazy is that ! it’s actually just like a full consistent meal. However, I strongly advise using a blender because the scoop is huge and even with 1/2 a scoop it will be a bit chunky. You can split the serving over the course of the day.
  • MET-Rx Big 100 bars are perfect for breaks. They are the kings of caloric bars on the market. Not only do they taste so good but they contain 410 calories each ! The box contains 12 bars, that’s 4920 calories ! It’s perfect for those of us who do not have enough time to take consistent meals and are pretty busy with work or studies.


TIP 3:

Then, there is the workout. This is the other 50% that you must complete if you want to gain weight. Your training should consist of heavy volume and progressive overload. Forget about the low charges that will only sculpt your muscles. You need to gain mass. So, try to add charges every time, set goals for every gym session and become better than you were the last time.

Just so you know, you must avoid things like cardio. Leave that to endomorphs as you will only burn a lot of calories that you’ll need in your weight gaining journey. Cut any physical activity that will burn your calories like washing dishes or cleaning your room. I mean f*ck it, buy disposable dishes and clean your room when you will achieve your weight goal – RIP to any visitor.

Finally, here is a tip about how to know how much calories do you need every day. All you got to do is to take what you weigh and multiply it by 20. For example, I weigh 160 pounds: 160 x 20 = 3200.

Serious Mass Gainer protein shake provides me with 1250 calories. Plus, one MET-Rx Big 100 bar adds up 410 calories. It results in a total of 4860 calories a day ! With this calories intake and my gym workout, I am expecting to reach 170 lbs by the end of the year – I weigh about 160 lbs right now.